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ICS Membership

ICS Membership 2018
From Diwali 2017 until before Diwali 2018

We encourage anyone who is interested in Indian culture to become members, regardless of their ethnic background. This is because membership gives you some exclusive benefits that are unavailable to non-members. These include free or discounted admissions to our events, ability to vote, participate in Diwali and more.

Please note that ICS membership IS REQUIRED to perform on stage at Diwali.

Membership for 2018 includes the 2017 Diwali Gala and all of the events in 2018 untill Next Diwali. 

To become a member, follow these steps: 

  1. Check that you don't already have a user account on this website - click here.
  2. If you don't find yourself in this list, then create a user account for yourself and fill out your profile (this link will not work if you are already registered and logged in). Make sure you use your actual name as your user name (first and last name with a space in-between).
  3. Then, create a person record for each of your family members (including yourself) you want to include on your membership. You can view the list of your family members at the "Family Members" tab of the "My Account" page. Initially, you will notice that each person record you create is "unpublished" or "unapproved".
  4. Visit the "Membership 2018" tab of the "My Account" page and the system will calculate your membership fee based on the following:
    Membership Type Description Price from
    Diwali 2017
    until Diwali 2018
    Family One married couple and up to 3 of their unmarried, financially dependent children who are under 26 years of age $85
    Couple One married couple $50
    Single Single person over 18 years of age $30
    Guest Passes (Diwali Admission Only) Guest of a member for Diwali event per person. Buy here. $30
     Parents  of a Member Parent or Parents of the members (member can include this charge in this form) $20 each parent
  5. Finally, pay your membership in one of the following ways:
    - instantly using CreditCard or Paypal at the "Membership 2018" tab under "My Account" page. This is the fastest method, and the system will update your membership automatically and instantly. But it costs a couple of dollars extra due to Paypal transaction fees.
  6. - OR mail or send a check to the following address:
    Indian Cultural Society of Jacksonville
    c/o Vimal Misra, Treasurer,
    12170 Hazelmoor Ct.
    Jacksonville, FL 32258

Note: If you are mailing a check, please mention your username on the check. If you are a new member, open a free account, include a note with contact email, family member names, mailing address and phone number. Failure to mention the above will delay the membership activation.

Once we receive your payment, we will activate your membership by "publishing" and "approving" the person records for each person included on your membership, and adding the next membership year to your account (membership fee is non-refundable and non-transferable). And from there onward your account will have all the membership previleges, and the persons on your membership will also be able to participate in ICS events as members (for example, perform on stage at Diwali).

If you need help ...

If you need any kind of help with the membership process, please email

Why should I become a member?

Members have some exclusive benefits that non-members do not have:

  1. Members can perform (on stage) at all ICS events (including Diwali Gala), while non-members cannot perform at most events, except India Day & Independence Day. But even in those cases, there are restrictions on non-member's participation.
  2. Members get free or discounted admission tickets to most of our events. They may also get preferred seating and longer time windows to send their RSVP etc.
  3. Only members are eligible to vote in our elections or run for office.


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