Meet the ICS Executive Committee

All ICS activities are executed by a dedicated team of unpaid volunteers who give their time and sweat for the good of the community. It would not be possible to run an organization of this size and scale without a large team of experienced and selfless individuals.

You can click on any EC member name to contact them. Or if your question/query is of general nature, then you can use the site contact form.


Parag Shah's picture
President - Parag Shah

Responsible for overall functioning of the organisation, its events, activities, finances and long term health, the president sets the direction and guides the team to execute in that direction.

You can email Parag Shah at

Sandhya Hawaldar's picture
Vice President - Sandhya Hawaldar

Supports and assists the President in fulfilling all responsibilities and fills in when President is unavailable.

You can email Sandhya Hawaldar at

Narendra Sharma's picture
Treasurer - Narendra Sharma

Responsible for keeping track of ICS's finances.

Narendra Sharma can be reached at 904-530-1ICS(904-530-1427), or

Vamsee Srikakolapu's picture
Secretary - Vamsee Srikakolapu

Responsible for keeping records for ICS.

You can email Vamsee Srikakolapu at

Event Directors

Sandhya Hawaldar's picture
Event Director, India Day - Sandhya Hawaldar

Responsible for overall organisation of the India Day (India's Republic Day) event.

Asha Sharma's picture
Event Director, Holi - Asha Sharma

Responsible for overall organisation of the Holi event.

Vrajesh Shah's picture
Event Director, World of Nations - Vrajesh Shah

Responsible for overall management of ICS's representation of India at the World of Nations event organised by the City of Jacksonville.

Parag Shah's picture
Event Director, India's Independence Day - Parag Shah

Responsible for overall organisation of India's Independence Day event.

Area Directors

Jignesh Kapadia's picture
Director, Sponsorship - Jignesh Kapadia

Responsible for raising funds through sponsorships and donations.

Inder Arora's picture
Director, Audio Visuals - Inder Arora

Responsible for managing A/V at ICS events.

Vikas Hawaldar's picture
Director, Community Sports - Vikas Hawaldar

 Responsible for hosting community sports events.

Anita Mandal's picture
Director - Backstage Mgmt. - Anita Mandal

 Responsible for managing backstage functions.

Moitreyi Naik's picture
Director, Operations - Moitreyi Naik

 Resposible for all event operations.

Jignesh Kapadia's picture
Director, Technology - Jignesh Kapadia

Responsible for website, email and other computer technology in ICS communications and events.

Vrajesh Shah's picture
Director, Food Management - Vrajesh Shah

Responsible for Food Management, including ordering, delivery and serving, for all ICS events.

Anonymous's picture
Director, Entry Coordination - Unfilled Position

Responsible for coordinating stage performance entries prior to and during events.

Narendra Sharma's picture
Director, Membership - Narendra Sharma

Responsible for keeping track of membership status of all ICS members, renewing their memberships and inviting new members.

Jignesh Kapadia's picture
Director, Marketing - Jignesh Kapadia

Responsible for vendor management and advertising.

Parag Shah's picture
Director, Inventory Management - Parag Shah

Inventories and keeps track of all ICS posessions in storage, and handles most purchasing of supplies.

Shobhana Jain's picture
Director, Newsletter - Shobhana Jain

Responsible for creating, publishing and managing news letters.

Youth Committee

Milind Mishra's picture
President, Youth Committee - Milind Mishra

Responsible for organizing and leading all volunteering and other activities of Youth Committee. You can see the full youth committee listing at the Youth Comittee page.

Richa Sharma.'s picture
Vice President, Youth Committee - Richa Sharma.

Responsible for assisting President, Youth Committee. You can see the full youth committee listing at the Youth Comittee page.

Hannah Shah's picture
Secretary, Youth Committee - Hannah Shah

Responsible for keeping records for ICS Youth Committee activities.

Bhavana Srikakolapu's picture
Director, Youth Committee Operations - Bhavana Srikakolapu

 Responsible for ICS Youth Committee Operations.

Avni Shah's picture
Youth Committee Mentor - Avni Shah

An adult who works closely with Youth Committee to help guide all the activities of YC so that ICS benefits in the best way possible from YC. Acts as a bridge between the EC and YC.

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