This page tries to answer some of questions that you might have.

Using This Website

This website has menus on top and bottom. Please take a look at them and their meanings are self-explanatory. You can also hover over a link to see what it is for.

Primary Menu

This is the menu at the top. It holds the most commonly used pages in this site - such as "Home", "Membership", "Marketing" ... "About ICS" etc. And they are available to all - whether you are logged in or not.

My Account

For registered users, this is the most userful link.


It is in the secondary menu, and once you click on it and login, it shows you:

  1. Edit: Allows you to change your password or email address and even upload a picture of yours.
  2. Membership Info: Allows you to edit your membership information.
  3. OpenID Identities: Lets you connect your account from Google, Yahoo, MySpace etc. to account and then get logged in automatically to once you are logged into your OpenID provider.
  4. My Family Members: View, add, remove your family members that are part of your membership.
  5. My Content: View and create content created and owned by you. This could be articles, pages, advertisements, performance entries for events etc.

Contacting Someone

If you need to talk to or correspond with someone, you can either fill out the site contact form, or visit the executive committee page and click on the name of an EC member. In some cases, the phone number may also be listed.

Receiving Updates from ICS (Mailing List)

You can sign up for our announcements email list at the Email List page.


Becoming a Member

See the Membership page to see how anyone can become an ICS member.

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